Automatic Call Distributor

ACD (Automatic Call Distributor) manages inbound calls and routes them to all the available agents who are logged in to a system. Usually, the number of inbound calls for any contact center is more than the number of agents available, and it may happen that some agents are overwhelmed with calls while others are idle. ACD ensures uniform call distribution across available agents and balanced load distribution across multiple office locations.


Benefits of ACD (Automatic Call Distributor)

With our ACD solution, you can serve your customers better and faster. Our superior call management leads to shorter interactions with customer. By accessing and processing information faster with our comprehensive solution, your agents can serve more clients, thereby ensuring highest level of customer satisfaction with your organization.

Use comprehensive technology

With features like multi-party conference, screen transfer, IVR conference, call hold, call forwarding and other facilities, exploit the rich feature set of our ACD. Boasting of highest up-time in the industry, the solution eliminates the single point of failure by implementing multiple levels of redundancy in the entire setup to provide business continuity.


Ensure high customer satisfaction

With better caller management, play informative messages while your customers are waiting in the queues. Alternate information on new products with music and provide estimated wait time, agent availability information, etc.

Employ robust routing and prioritization schemes

Ensure maximum client satisfaction with exceptional priority and skill-based routing features. Organize relevant queues with designated skills or attributes for agents, and define relationships between agent groups and call queues. Determine who should take the high priority calls!


Execute multimedia operations

Now send E-mail, Fax, or chat using our multimedia capabilities for better management. No need to open additional windows or search for multimedia operations. All it takes is one click!

Manage voice recording with ease

Store your voice logs in any format. Search through voice records based on parameters such as agent, time-line, disposition, etc, and use multimedia features (replay, rewind, forward).


Improve productivity with comprehensive reports

Analyze productivity and performance via GUI, web-based, real-time reports. You can also export the reports in CSV formats for easy readability.

Integrate with third-party database

Integrate with any third-party database using an easy interface. Our ACD solution comes standard with PostGreSQL but can be integrated with Oracle, MySQL, DB2, or any other RDBMS seamlessly


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