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Audio conference calls made easy. with us Audio conference calling is a great way to conduct business when your colleagues are thousands of miles away. With the latest and greatest audio conference system from Cozy Vision, your audio conference phone meetings are more clear and more reliable than ever before. With our system, you get noise cancellation, giving you and your company better quality conferencing. We offer the best solutions and equipment, from echo cancellation to video conferencing.


When you're looking for a company to handle your audio conference calling, our conference system is for you. Our audio conference phone systems provide echo and noise cancellation along with advanced audio and video equipment to give you the best solution for your business conferencing needs.


Cozy Vision is a leading the industry in cutting edge technology. Our noise cancellation and echo cancellation features for your audio conference calling are second to none. Are you looking for a solution to your existing audio conference system problems? Are you looking to enhance audio conference phone calls for your company? No matter your needs, we have the audio and video equipment to assist you.


Audio conference calls are an important part of your business. Don't settle for mediocre audio conference calling packages or cheap audio conference systems. We can offer you the best audio conference phone equipment for your company. Our superior solutions include echo and noise cancellation, giving you the very best quality in every product. If you're looking for video conferencing capability, we can help you with that as well. Contact us today and propel your company into the future of tomorrow!


Cozy Vision offers collaboration technologies including Audio, Video and Web Conferencing Systems, Conference Phones, and Hosted Conference Call Services. Teleconferencing is no longer a luxury, it is a strategic requirement to manage information effectively and remain competitive. From weekly sales meetings, help desk support, distance learning, to customer end user training offerings, conferencing offers a fast and inexpensive alternative to travel. Owning your own conference bridge can greatly reduce travel expenses as well as providing an easier to use system that is custom to your specific requirements.


Out sourcing your conference calls to a conference call service can be cost effective for smaller users but for frequent users owning your own in house system can save your thousands annually. Most of our customers experience an ROI of only a few months with many added benefits when switching from a service to an in house system. Installing a conference bridge is easy for Cozy Vision, we can install and setup your audio and web Conferencing Bridge in an afternoon. We offer bridges solutions for Government, Business, and Military applications from small 8 port analog audio conference systems to new state of the art custom VoIP and SIP Conference Bridges that go up to 960 ports.


Today's new conferences bridges are affordable, fully featured and most of all secure. Conference bridges can be accessed through the companies internal phone system for intercom like access to the conference or the system can co-located. Co-locating a conference bridge can be very cost effective. Today's conference bridges are actually rack mount servers that offer full features including, reservation based and Reservationless conferencing, integration with Outlook and Lotus Notes, polling, conference recording, web based administration, and web conferencing are standard on some models.

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