IVR System

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system helps you in automating inbound calls that are repetitive in nature. According to many sources, 50% of inbound calls are repetitive in nature, and do not require an agent's participation. Some of such calls include account information retrieval, flight information, pricing, record updates, new password or pin generation, and transaction processing. The call time for processing such calls can be drastically reduced with a fully automatic IVR solution that serves customers intelligently based on their queries and inputs, thus enabling faster self-service. Your agents can attend to those customers who have specific calling purposes (as opposed to generic queries like account balances), thereby increasing your business productivity and efficiency.


Our innovative IVR solution is ideal for self and assisted customer service for inbound and blended processes like customer support and collections. Equipped with a rich IVR designer tool and pre-integrated with our Automatic Call Distributor (ACD), Reporting, Unified Messaging (SMS, Chat, FAX and E-Mail) and CRM solution, the IVR module can be deployed independently or as a component of the Software. And all this comes with low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), ease-of-use and flexibility.


Comes with ACD for customer care.  Allows automatic call routing using DNIS & CRM integration.  Comes with call-flow designer & conferencing facilities.  Option of getting it customized as per the specific requirements.  Allows database integration, DTMF recognition and generation.  Option of PBX integration.  Option of intelligent routing of multiple applications.  Allows run-time change of call-flow.  Facilities of T1, ISDN, E1 or analog lines.  Features voice logging. 


In line with our user-friendly IVR Designer, the IVR solution includes best-of-breed capabilities that enable sound resource allocation, optimal customer interaction management, and highest service quality. The Text-to-Speech (TTS) ability allows you to convert normal language into speech. Multi-language support allows you to cater to customer with specific language preferences. You can fetch data from your information repository for swift and quality service with database integration. Our innovative remote monitoring capability will empower you to manage your distributed workforce with a unified, centralized control from one location. You can not only access data with our user-friendly interface with a single click, but create virtually any kind of call flows to configure routing and interaction experience with our IVR designer. With strong voice recording capabilities, you can store voice records of interactions effortlessly, and retrieve them later. You can also track performance and efficiency for your workforce, processes and business with the help of over 200 types of graphical and text reports.


Based on latest IP based technology, the technology eliminates the use of expensive propriety hardware, lowering the network infrastructure and hardware costs up to 70%. The modular architecture facilitates seamless scaling by simply adding few processing units (i.e. inexpensiveLinux Server machines). With ability to integrate additional generic and process specific features, the IVR system can cater to your current as well as future requirements. Seamless integration with any third-party components (CRM, telephony equipment, third-party software) and multiple-site deployment allow you to scale up your operations without enormous infrastructure investments.


Benefits of IVR

Automate Operations

By enabling self service, our IVR will take care of callers who wish to look up account balances, process transactions, balance transfers, flight timings, or just promotional schemes. By efficiently managing your agent workforce, you can do away with additional expenses for staffing and training.


Configure Call flows using Intuitive IVR Designer

You can configure call flows on-the-fly with the IVR Designer for end-to-end caller experience. Use intuitive menu and action buttons to create diagrammatic representation of your call flows. With simple drag and drop abilities, you don't need to have knowledge of complicated programming constructs.

Interface with third-party databases

Tighter integration with third party database not only allows your agents to obtain the right information immediately, it also allows your customers to look up information regarding their accounts directly with DTMF input.


Cut back wait time

Cosmic Vision's IVR and ACD solutions, when used in conjunction, cut back your caller wait times with the help of flexible call queue management. Your callers will be informed of estimated wait-times so they can call back at specific time and do not waste their time waiting during busiest hours of the day. Supervisors can monitor and manage call queues to ensure that agents are uniformly distributed across queues.

Obtain real time and updated information

Provide your agents with latest information pertaining to callers for faster and more reliable service, via our user-friendly CRM system. Reduce dependence on humans for information retrieval and record searching, and let the automatic IVR do all the work.


Scale up operations effortlessly

Now increase your capacity without investing in propriety hardware. Cosmic Vision's IVR solution does not require heavy investment at the onset or during capacity upgrades when you wish to scale up operations.

Manage voice recording with ease

Store your voice logs in any format. Search through voice records based on parameters such as agent, time-line, disposition, etc, and use multimedia features (replay, rewind, forward).


Improve productivity with comprehensive reports

Analyze productivity and performance via GUI, web-based, real-time reports. You can also export the reports to multiple formats (PDF, CSV) for easy readability.

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