Generate Phone Leads for Marketing Campaigns

An interesting way many marketers are using IVR is by making it the asset in their calls to action. For example, instead of sending out emails and running ads asking people to download your white paper, you can ask them to call a special number to interact with your IVR. Take our brief survey to win an iPad, or Find out if your processes are in line with best practices using this 3-minue analysis, for example. At the end of the call, the IVR can give them the option of speaking immediately with a sales rep. You capture all their contact information and IVR responses for future marketing campaigns.


Score Phone Leads Before Passing to Sales

Inbound IVRs are ideal for scoring phone leads. The IVR will ask callers the questions you determine work best to qualify them for your particular campaign.

To qualify leads, you can pose those questions to learn if callers are really ready to buy. Or you can find out from your sales managers what questions they care about in order to qualify leads, then pose those questions to callers.

Leads that score high enough are passed from the IVR directly to sales for an immediate conversation. Others can hear a custom marketing message and be given the option of leaving a voicemail for sales. You can even send them to a second IVR if that works best for your campaign. It’s the same principle you use when inserting qualifying questions on your web forms. But the IVR results are better because leads passed to sales get connected in conversation immediately.

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