Number Masking

Number Masking 

Number masking, as it is colloquially called, is the best way for businesses to safeguard their customers’ identity, and prevent misuse of sensitive information, enabled by anonymisation of customer’s phone number. This solution allows you to connect two parties without revealing either party’s phone number. This also allows you to ensure that transactions happen on your platform and not offline. 

Why is it required?

Safeguard for customer's privacy

Mobile numbers have become a person’s online identity. This is the reason why people’s phone numbers get passed easily. The onus is on businesses to ensure that the privacy of their customers is protected. And Cozy Vision helps them do just that with the number masking solution.

Listening the conversation between delivery boy and customer

Sometimes , it becomes essential to listen to the recordings of conversation that happened between delivery boys & customers. And Cozy Vision's call recording feature helps us do this. 

How it works

Delivery boy gets shipment assignment

When he needs to call the customer to get know about his exact location . By Clicking on the ‘call customer’ button in the app, automatically makes a call to Cozy Vision’s virtual number.

Cozy Vision reaches your server

Cozy Vision pings your server with the delivery boy's details. Your server returns the corresponding customer’s number. <

Cozy Vision dials customer number

Cozy Vision Connects the assigned delivery boy to the respective customer. 

Customer number masked

Customer numbers are masked from delivery boy as virtual number acts as a bridge between the parties.

What brands gain out of implementing number masking 

Increase customer loyalty

Customer will purchase with confidence on e-commerce sites when he knows that his personal information especially his phone number is protected from being shared among delivery boys and other persons.. It will help customers to boost his confidence to deal online. 


Track and Analyse customer conversations even those that happen outside your “call center”

When calls are routed to your customers via Cozy Vision, all the calls can be recorded and used to analyse customer experience out of your traditional call centers as well. What we have also noticed is that these calls are an excellent tool for customer complaint resolution as well.

Decrease in untoward incidents

Number masking also aids in building the customer confidence that they’re being looked after. For example, this incident where a woman was harassed by a delivery boy using her phone number could have been avoided had they used the right security measures.